Home dating is the best solution if you and your partner are on a tight budget or just want to save money, and still have a memorable quality time together. Being together on a date doesn’t always mean fancy restaurant, or watching movies or activity outdoors. Plus, home dating is relieving you from the worries of traffic.

So, here are six tips you lovers can enjoy:

Tipid tip #1: Watch movies at home.

Saving your favourite shows for later isn't easy with a PVR. Photo: Getty ImagesDo a “MOVIE MARATHON” together. Watch all the movies you like, without spending so much. Aside from that you can cry, laugh and talk (even scream, if you want), without thinking or affecting other people around, like in theaters. (movie you can watch together)

Tipid tip #2: Cook meals together.

6 Tipid Tips for Dating at HomePreparing food together makes the two of you bond even more. The joy of preparing the food, plus the fun of eating it together — no matter what the the taste would be (LOL). It is a labor of love, so to speak. Plus, you can get to eat as money as you want for the prize cheaper compared to one serving in restaurants. (more Easy-to-cook recipes for couples)

Tip #3: Play with your favorite game console

6 Tipid Tips for Dating at HomeA lot of couples enjoy hanging out together in mall arcades, but for those on a tight budget, playing with game consoles can be a lot of fun – even for couples. Wii is THE most couple-friendly and family-oriented game console (I think) right now. Couples can enjoy playing sports and adventure games together. Or maybe, if the two of you like rough games, playing StreetFighter IV on PS3 is not bad – making you feel playing in the arcades as well. (more Electronic games for couples)

Tip #4: Play traditional or board games

6 Tipid Tips for Dating at HomeYou two can play board games like scrabble, visionary, monopoly, chess, checkers and snake and ladders. This is a good time to talk, have fun and exercise your “thinking” skills. Another good way to spend together, plus a little exercise is Body Twister. This can also be enjoyed by other members of the family – that way, a little bonding time as well with the rest of the folks.

Tip #5: Do scrapbooking together.

6 Tipid Tips for Dating at HomeA little too “cheesy” for the taste of the typical boys. Though, this activity is a sure “plus” factor or “pogi points” if you help your girlfriend, fiance or wife to compile and arrange scrapbook. Besides, it’s a great way of looking back at the good old times and memories together. Plus, giving you two a great opportunity to look at how your relationship has gone through.

Tip #6: Rest.

Make this day your “REST DAY” rest from work or school or from any activity. This will rest your exhausted wallets as well (hahhaha) since you and your date will just stay at home. Make this time your “QUALITY TIME” together where you can talk, share stories, thoughts, and plans. Making time for each other to just plainly talk will give you a chance to relax together and maybe be creative for that time being. You can talk about planning your next vacation, plan for your future, etc.

Bottomline is – be creative.You can do a lot of things together without spending so much money.

Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator/www.GirlandBoyThing.com