Head Turner: How to Be a Selfie Expert

Taking “selfies” have seemingly become the norm in the lives of people from different parts of the world. Both young and old, may it be local or international celebrities, students, office folks, bloggers, politicians, etc.. In short, almost all walks of life.


  • In 2012, Time magazine included the word “selfie” among its Top 10 buzzwords of the year.
  • The word #Selfie was also chosen as word of the year by the Oxford English Dictionary.
  • Philippines, particularly in Makati City is the “Selfie” capital of the world according to TIME Magazine.

Selfie Expert

How to really become a SELFIE EXPERT? Just simple… Start by being You, by being true to yourself. Don’t do it just to be”in”. You were born unique. You are beautiful in God’s eyes and were created to stand out. Showcase who you really are, your unique fashion and style, your real passion and your true sexuality. Plus you can also follow these additional tips:

OPPO Selfie Expert 1

  1. Be Confident. Having “Confidence” is one of the important things that you must remember when taking selfies.Confidence is the best outfit that you could wear. No matter what you are wearing or look like as long as you are confident, it will exude beautifully in your selfie photos.


2. Be unique and creative. Avoid all selfie clichésUse your imagination. Learn how to improvise.  Experiment on different angles. You can use anything from your surroundings to add beauty to your selfies. Just like what I did to this selfie. I used the sunlight to add a dramatic effect to my selfie. See what I mean? 🙂

ASUS ZenFone Zoom front camera photo

3. Be natural. Do not add too many filters at a time(only when needed). Do not put so much make up, minimal make up will do. (Unless you are highlighting your makeup in your photo) Natural beauty doesn’t need any filters. Show the world the real you. Let the natural light do its wonders to your selfies.


4. Choose a nice background. One of the important elements in capturing a nice selfie is a pleasant “background”.  Always check your background. Stay away from clutters, photobombers and everything that can ruin a good selfie photo.

OPPO f1s Selfie Expert

5. Be Safe. Your safety should always be your priority when taking your selfies. Most especially when you are taking your “buwis buhay” selfie shots. Make sure that what or where you are stepping on is safe, or your harness is well secured, no falling debris or fast moving cars and anything that would jeopardize your safety.  You wouldn’t want that to be your last selfie right? So, Safety first!.

horseback riding in Mindanao

6. Seize the moment. Timing is essential. You’ll never know if you can take your selfie again on that place, object or any subject. Every moment counts. SNAP… SNAP… SNAP a selfie before it’s gone.

If you can do these things in your selfie photos, then Congratulations! Consider yourself a Selfie Expert. 😉


Head Turner: How to Be a Selfie Expert

For me, selfie is not just a selfie. It is a reflection of yourself not just a projection just to get “likes” and be noticed by your peers. It’s about showing who you really are. — raw, unedited, honest. That’s what makes a good selfie.

Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator/www.GirlandBoyThing.com