Satisfy Your Mediterranean Cravings at SKEWR


For the past few weeks, I’ve been craving for some mediterranean taste to land on my palate. And just recently, my cravingss were satisfied as I was invited by SKEWR, a Mediterranean restaurant, to taste some of their dishes like wraps, melts, pizza, pasta and even their rice meals.

Before I go further, let me share with you a little background about SKEWR, how it started and the people behind it.

SKEWR Owners Marlene and Bee Jay Burog

It was really inspiring how siblings Marlene and Bee Jay Barog, owners of SKEWR, made their way to success. They were both undergraduate students then at UP Diliman when they first put up a business(Khaleb Shawarma) to earn additional allowance to support their college education. And with the help of their mother and grandmother who both supported them all the way and funded them on their 1st business venture. They are where they are now. Both successful in their chosen business.

From the success of their first business(Khaleb Shawarma) which is now on its 10th year and with their experience and expertise in the food industry catering local and internatonal clients, Marlene and Bee Jay thought of expanding their business by branching out to a more upscale market. This time they would offering a full menu of Mediterranean favorites crafted for Filipino taste. Thus, the birth of SKEWR.

SKEWR is a modern fusion restaurant which came from the word “Skewer” which means a long piece of metal or wood which holds food together. This restaurant serves Mediterranean’s well-loved dishes.


SKEWR is located in 189 Maginhawa Street, Quezon City(same building with Cat Cafe Manila). Thankfully, it is quite near my place which is about 2 rides away via Commonwealth. So whenever my cravings for mediterranean food starts to build up again, I can easily go to this place.


I love the ambiance of the place. So cozy, modern and home-like. It is quite small which can sit maybe around a maximum of 40-50 people. But don’t worry, even if the place is small,  it is still very comfortable to dine in there.

SKEWR Kitchen

SKEWR offers fresh, healthy and flavorful dishes that will surely satisfy your tummy. If you can see, this resto made sure that diners will see how their orders were prepared. Through this, diners are assured that their orders were freshly-made.

SKEWR just opened last month and actually on soft opening. I will not keep you hanging. I will be sharing with you the dishes that SKEWR served me when I visted their place.

SKEWR Maginhawa St.

Pita strips with Fire Peta

Seasoned crispy sticks of Pita served with spicy fire peta dip. Just in case that you are not into a spicy dip, you can also choose other sauces readily available in your table when you dine in. There’s 2 other flavors to choose from. Cheese and Sour cream, the ones used in their wraps.


Beef Shawarma wrap

If you love Khaleb Shawarma then you will definitely like this one as well. This is SKEWR’s signature skewered beef slices wrapped with veggies and Pita. Served with SKEWR fries and veggie sidings.


Chicken Pesto Melt

Chunks of roast chicken with pesto and melted cheese in pita sandwich. I like this one. Especially the taste of melted cheese combined with other ingredients! YUMMY! The pesto flavor however kinda lacks. Maybe the melted cheese dominated it.

SKEWR at Maginhawa

Rustic Chicken Pizza

A different kind of pizza. Insted of the usual pizza dough. SKEWR used Pita bread as their base bread and they topped it with savory chicken in red sauce.

SKEWR Maginhawa st.

Shish Kebab

Roasted skewered chicken marinated in SKEWR’s signature sauce. The chicken is well cooked, tender and you can easily remove it from skewer. It is served with Biryani rice but you can also choose other rice variants like plain and buttered rice.


Luleh Kebab

Savory spiced grilled ground beef. This is pure mediterranean taste for me. I love it! Well seasoned and the flavor really bursts in your mouth in every bite. Also served with rice.


Rubia Krab Yaqla

Golden fritters filled with crab, fish and shrimp. For seafood lovers who want to have a mediterranean twist. This dish is for you. Served with plain or buttered rice

SKEWR at Maginhawa


SKEWR’s signature oil-based pasta with skewered beef shawarma infused with mediterranean spices. This is my favorite from all the dishes served. Well-cooked noodles, the ingredients blended well giving this dish a very flavorful taste. SUUPER LOVE IT!

SKEWR drinks

SKEWR Iced tea

This iced tea is superb. It is not just a regular iced tea but it is also has a lemongrass flavor which is the dominating taste for this drink.

SKEWR drinks

Plain and Strawberry Yogurt

For a healthy drink, you may choose these yogurt drinks. I love the combination of sour, creamy and salty taste.

Of course, Any meal is not complete without desserts. You can choose from the following:

SKEWR desserts

Blueberry Cheesecake


SKEWR desserts

Yema Cheesecake


SKEWR desserts

Chocolate Pecan Pie

So that’s it! CRAVINGS SATISFIED!!! I can’t wait to go back again and try their other dishes. So just like me, If you want to satisfy your mediterranean food cravings, you know where to go. SKEWR at Maginhawa Quezon City.



For inquiries, reservations and other concerns, you may contact SKEWR at or

Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator/