SWITCHING TO POSTPAID? Check out Globe’s SIM-Only Postpaid Plans


Being a postpaid subscriber for so many years gave me a lot of benefits. Customizable plans, add-ons, no hassle of loading from time to time, I can replace my sim easily and retain my number in case of loss or broken sim, I get to have a billing statement which I can use for transcations such as opening a bank account, credit card application, utility bills application, and lastly, I can even get a phone for free.


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And now, switching to postpaid is very easy! If you have one valid ID, you can already avail one starting with Globe’s SIM-Only Postpaid Plans for as low as Php599. Actually, the plan that I availed few years ago and still my plan up to now is just the sim-only ThePlan Plus 599(Call and data) which gives me 2x more data, access to Facebook(with a specific data allocation limit) , and just a 6-month lock-in period contract. I’m actually thinking of getting a device already.(Again, still thinking about it hahaha)

Just in case you wanna make the switch from prepaid to postpaid, you may choose among the following sim-only postpaid plans from Globe that suits your budget and needs:

  • ThePlan PLUS 599
  • ThePlan PLUS 799
  • ThePlan PLUS 999
  • ThePlan PLUS 1299
  • ThePlan PLUS 1499
  • ThePlan PLUS 1799
  • ThePlan PLUS 1999
  • ThePlan PLUS 2499

For each postpaid plan you have the option to choose among Call & Data, All-Data, and Entertainment. I’m currently using the Call & Data option where I get to enjoy UNLI-ALL NET TEXT, UNLI CALLS TO GLOBE/TM(My boyfie is a Globe postpaid subscriber too so we could literally call and text all day. Win-win!), 1.5Gb MOBILE INTERNET(which usually used up and exeeded the limit hahah. Should I upgrade?), and 1Gb DATA ALLOCATION FOR FACEBOOK every month.

Check out other THEPLAN PLUS options here.

And just in case that you change your mind and would want to avail a device with your chosen postpaid plan. You may and you can!. But you know when you get a device, you’ll be under a 24-month contract(sometimes 30-month depending on the device) unless of course you will pay for the device right away. Not sure though if they still allow deferred payment where they just add the monthly cashout amount to your bill. But way before, which was years ago, I was able to avail that option with my Blackberry phone and  paid for it for a year.

SWITCHING TO POSTPAID? Check out Globe's SIM-Only Postpaid Plans

By the way, if you didn’t know, GLOBE SHOP also offer other products such as broadbands, entertainment subcriptions(Spotify, Netflix, Viu, HOOQ, FOX+, Disney Life, Cartoon Network, prime video, and Da Vinci), tech accessories(speakers, powerbanks, SD cards, phone cases, smart watch, etc.), and even apparel(shirts, hoodies, jackets, cap, bags).

For more information about ThePlan Plus and other offers from Globe, visit their website shop.globe.com.ph.

Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator www.GirlandBoyThing.com