Taste of Asia: Heinz Asian Sauces Now Available in The Philippines

Heinz Asian Sauces

I love to cook and eat.  Whenever I’m in our kitchen and there’s limited ingredients in our refrigerator, I improvise and experiment what I can do. For me it is just easy, as long as I have sauces available to add flavor to my improvised dish or at least a good sauce or “sawsawan” is a must. Then I will pair it with steamy hot rice? UHHHMM! YUMMMY!(Even though I’m limiting my rice intake already, I WILL DEFINITELY EAT! hahaha!)

On the other hand, us Filipinos, when we are eating a certain dish, even though it’s already flavourful, we would still add condiments and sauces to enhance the taste. And you what? got some cool news for you. Because Heinz, a global leader in condiments since 2012(same brand as the tomato  ketchup that we love), just made more of their sauces available here in the Philippines and Asia. Heinz goes Asian!

Heinz Asian Sauces

From simple meals to gourmet dishes, Heinz Asian Sauces provide enhanced taste and premium flavours to your cooking. Heinz has been serving up quality, taste, convenience and innovation like no other food company on Earth.  It has to be Heinz.

Taste of Asia: Heinz Asian Sauces Now Available in The Philippines Taste of Asia: Heinz Asian Sauces Now Available in The Philippines

I tried using some of the Heinz Asian Sauces particulary the Heinz Blended Sesame Oil, Heinz Premium Oyster Sauce, and Heinz Garlic Chili Sauce during our food trip in a restaurant at Quezon City. I must say that I love them all. The extra flavor really blended well to my chosen ingredients. So excited to try other Heinz Asian Sauces and incorporate them to my cooking.

Heinz Asian Sauces are available in leading Robinsons Supermarkets, Unimart Supermarkets, Makatisupermart Alabang, All Day Supermarket, Citimart Supermarket, and Landmark Supermarkets. Check out the prices below.

Heinz Asian SaucesSRP
Heinz Golden Mark Oyster Sauce 260g71.75
Heinz Golden Mark Oyster Sauce 500g113
Heinz Premium Oyster Sauce 260g135.5
Heinz Premium Oyster Sauce 510g220.5
Heinz Golden Mark Soy Sauce 500ml74.75
Heinz Premium Light Soy Sauce 150ml64.75
Heinz Garlic Chili Sauce 235g97.8
Heinz Thai Sweet Chili Sauce 240g94.50
Heinz Blended Sesame Oil 150ml98.25
Heinz Blended Sesame Oil 500ml221


For updates, recipe ideas, and other information, follow the official social media accounts of Heinz Asian Sauces: @heinzasianph for both Facebook and Instagram.


Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator/www.GirlandBoyThing.com