ZION TRADING: Empowering People through E-Commerce Business

ZION Trading

  E-Commerce is a booming business nowadays. Since almost everyone are into gadgets and has access to internet, doing online business is really something you should consider may it be food, clothing, services, or anything you can sell if you want to earn money and save for the future.      

Ms. Fostine Margaux Tapiador, founder of the new Christian-owned E-commerce company, Zion Trading, saw an opportunity to spread the good news and share the blessing and wonders of Electronic Commerce or Online business to people. It is a multi-Billion dollar earning opportunity business that paved the way from its pioneers such as EBAY, AMAZON.COM of the American spheres, ALIBABA of the China’s  and also some famous online e-commerce sites here in the Philippines such as Lazada, Shopee and many more.

Zion Trading

About ZION TRADING & E-COMMERCE BUSINESS SOLUTION                                                                                                                                                                                Zion is derived from the scriptures which represents the City of Jerusalem among the Jews with a promise of restoration from loss and devastation of their lives and country. It also connotes the mountain of God among the Judeo-Christian Faith of a better state enjoying God’s abundance, protection and assurance of salvation. This was the inspiration of the founder and young CEO-President Ms. Fostine Margaux Tapiador fondly known as Charmie to her closest to start her own company.

Officially registered as a Corporation last September 2019, ZION TRADING & E-COMMERCE BUSINESS SOLUTIONS was created from the success of its founder Charmi, who also wanted to share the breakthrough business by mentoring-coaching and training who would sign up and subscribe to the platform.

On the other hand Richard Gabriel Bonifacio, the COO-GM of Zion, said that E Commerce is the “Great Equalizer” to do business nowadays. After discovering and trying the revolutionary business where he earned six-figure income, he quit his job, continued to do E-Commerce at his pace and convenience which gave him the liberty to spend more quality time with his family.

Lastly, known in the circle of MLM-Network Marketing Industry and being a consistent leader-achiever, “Jojo” Toress, the Chief Marketing and Sales Officer of.  Zion has a change of heart. From a “green card holder”, he almost settled in the US. But after being persuaded by Charmi to join her in setting up Zion, he decided to stay for good and they joined forcer in empowering many people through this revolutionary business. Jojo resolved to himself that this is the right business and company for him and surrendering his green card are all worth the risk, as he sees bigger vision with Zion.


That’s all for now guys. Will update you and give you more information about this promising e-commerce company soon. Tomorrow will be ZION TRADING & E-COMMERCE BUSINESS SOLUTIONS’ grand launch, so I will keep you posted. Alright? ☺️




Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator/www.GirlandBoyThing.com