While cycling is a fun, comfortable and enjoyable sport, it faces various limiting factors such as cycling routes. This is mostly affected by the environmental factors and terrain of the area of your residence.

However, you can enjoy your favorite hobby and sport by cycling through these amazing places. Get to enjoy the breath-taking scenery and adventure as you enjoy a group exercise or some alone time. Thus, here are 5 best places for casual biking in which you can enjoy scenic bike rides.


PHOTO CREDITS: Bikepacking.com

1. Great Divide Mountain – Canada

The Great Divide Mountain in Canada has a bike route about 2,700 miles long. This route contains breathtaking scenery of the mountains and surrounding vegetation. However, you should beware of mountain lions and bears, and the extreme and isolated parts.

Despite this, it is a long route where cyclists can enjoy long-distance cycling, scenery, fun, and exercise.

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2. Garden Route – South Africa

South Africa has various biking routes, but the outstanding one is the Garden Route. This route contains breath-taking vistas and spectacular coastal settings along the way. You can start from Cape Town and ride through the 133-mile long distance of the Garden Route.


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3. The Great Ocean Road – Australia

The Great Ocean Road borders one of the most dramatic coastlines worldwide. The 172-mile long road is great for long-distance biking and provides a beautiful scenery for cycling enthusiasts.


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4. The Shimanami Kaido – Japan

This is a 40-mile long biking route good for taking family rides. The route snakes through scenic islands with gentle slopes and spectacular vistas. It provides a spectacular and amazing scenery where two and four-wheel riders can enjoy biking.

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5. The South Downs Way – England

This is a countryside route with about 100 miles distance. This route is not only good for biking but can be used for hiking. It contains the breath-taking cliffs of Beachy Head and riders can also have a view of historic Winchester and visit through picturesque villages.

There are many more biking routes in the world that provide scenic bike rides. However, these five areas fall among the most used biking routes with breath-taking scenery. Riders can also enjoy various bike trails. After all, casual biking is not just about going for that ride. It is about sight-seeing, adventure and enjoying a great biking experience.

Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator/www.GirlandBoyThing.com