Cervantes Farm: New Square Foot Organic Urban Gardening

Cervantes Farm: New Square Foot Organic Urban Gardening

It’s a sad reality that because of progress, many farmlands are being converted to commercial buildings and establishments or subdivisions. With these changes, we do need to adopt so we can live normally. As Filipinos, we are resourceful and we always find ways to imrovise. Did you now that you can create your very own organic farm in your backyard?

Cervantes Farm

That’s what I learned during my latest Organic Agrigulture trip in Cagayan De Oro. Our first stop, Cervantes Farm which is located at Zone 5, Pagatpat, Cagayan de Oro City.

Cervantes Farm

It was lunchtime then when we arrived there and before our farm tour started, we all ate a very sumptous boodle lunch courtesy of Cervantes Farm. Will you look at that! Woot!

Cervantes Farm

It was a different kind of dining experience for us, eating on a banana trunk as our plate, which most commonly known as “Bani” for the locals there. Well, I mentioned earlier that Filipinos are resourceful right? 🙂

Cervantes Farm

And what a nice way to ease our thirst due to scorching heat outside was this freshly-madeBuko juice. So thirst quenching and refreshing.

Cervantes Farm

For my dessert, I ate one of these ripe mangoes. Beleive me, they may be small in size, but they are sweet!  I can consue 10 in one sitting hahhaha!

Cervantes Farm

After our lunch, the owner of Cervantes Farm, retired general,Mr. Honorio Cervantes, took our group for a tour within his small and humble farm. He introduced to us the concept of Square Foot Urban Gardening which I find very practical and very doable for starters who wanted to build his or her own organic farm at the comforts of their backyards.

Cervantes Farm Square Foot Urban Gardening

Just imagine. All you need is a square foot land and knowledge about Square Foot farming then you are good to go.

Square foot planting guide

Photo Source: renegadetribune.com

You can use the photo above for reference. Of course you cannot just plant as many seedlings as you want. You want a healthy and bounty harvest right? You should do it the right way.

Advantages of Square Foot Farming:

  1. Requires Small space only(Square foot).
  2. Saves Water.
  3. Requires LESS effort.
  4. Earth-Friendly.

Cervantes Farm Vertical Farming

In addition to Squre foot farming, you can also improvise and do Vertical Farming to maximize the planting space and to reap more organic produce.

Cervantes Farm Square Foot Urban Farm

I’ve been to different Organic farms. Some are fully established and are already big players in the organic farming industry but I can say that Cervantes Farm is one of my favorites. I learned from this farm that you don’t need to have a huge lot in order to start your very own organic farm.

This square foot gardening concept can contribute to sustainable living in the urban setting. Plus it can be a possible source of income in the long run.

Cervantes Farm: New Square Foot Organic Urban Gardening is a learning site accredited by Agricultural Training Institute, Regional Training Center-X.

For more information about Cervantes Farm, you may contact them directly at 0927-469-9994 or you may contact ATI Region X at the following contact details:

Website: www.ati.da.gov.ph/rtc10

Email: ati.esmo@gmail.com

Twitter: @ATInorthmin

Instagram: @ATInorthernmindanao

Facebook: www.Facebook.com/atinorthernmindanao/rtcx


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Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator/www.GirlandBoyThing.com