Gourmet Farms Cavite: My Day Tour Experience

Gourmet Farms facade

It was a very sunny day when I, together with other bloggers visited Gourmet Farms in Cavite. A perfect day to roam around the place and discover new things and meet other people. I was really excited to visit the place since I am also into fitness and health. And this tour would really give me a lot of insights on healthy meals and organic farming which by the way, what I always wanted to have for my own and my familys’ consumption.

Gourmet Farms 13

The organic farm is located in Km. 52 Aguinaldo HIghway, Silang, Cavite. If you have Waze installed in your phone you can easily find your way going there. It is just along the highway so you will not miss it.

Gourmet Farms 26

Upon arrival, we were given this cold drink which is the Gourmet Farms cafe’s Signature Lemonade. This is sold for only Php85.  Believe me it taste REAAAAAALLY GOOOOOOD! I love how strong the flavor was and how it burst into my palate. It was so good that me and my fiance’ went back for it when we visited Tagaytay last week. THUMBS UP!

Gourmet Farms 42

After resting a bit, we were toured around the farms vicinity starting with the farm itself where they raise different kind of organic crops and herbs including coffee, lettuce, ashitaba, basil and many more.

Gourmet Farms 10

Gourmet Farms 37

Gourmet Farms 5

Gourmet Farms 44

Gourmet Farms 40

Gourmet Farms 18

Look! farmers resting under the trees. getting ready to plow the fields.

Gourmet Farms 35

In the middle of our farm tour, we were led to a retreat place inside the farm named St. Joseph’s Sanctuary. Shhhhhh… Noisy people are not allowed inside since it is a place for reflection, soul searching, and mind and soul rejuvenation. For more information about St. Joseph’s Sanctuary, please contact Gourmet Farms. St. Joseph's Sanctuary cavite

Gourmet Farms 11

Gourmet Farms 15

Gourmet Farms 29

Gourmet Farms 45

Gourmet Farms 20

Back to our farm tour. Since it is an organic farm, they uses natural compost (leaves, barks of trees etc) and practice vermiculture to nourish the soil. The farm never uses chemical fertilizers to kill the insects and other pest luring to their crops.

The farm strive for environmental sustainability by implementing programs that respect nature,because they want to help preserve the environment for the future generations. The farm practices the “6 R’s”: Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Rethink. Recover. Restore.

Gourmet Farms cavite

Gourmet Farms cavite

After the farm tour, we headed back to the farm’s restaurant  for lunch. YUMMY!

Gourmet Farms 16

 The Gourmet Farms’ Restaurant serves different meals at very affordable prices. What I like about the restaurant is that the ingredients are organic and was harvested freshly from the farm.  
Gourmet Farms 38

You’ll never get bored eating for there’s a good music playing.

So here’s what we had for lunch…

Gourmet Farms 34

An open Salad bar with different salad dressingd to choose from. You can actullly buy these salad dressings in Gourmet Farms’ Store.

Gourmet Farms 22


Gourmet Farms’ famous lettuce chips, meat sauce, salsa. olives, and feta cheese.

Gourmet Farms 30


Lamb stew in tomato sauce, flavoured with Mediterranean spices. Served with tabouleh rice or couscous.
Gourmet Farms 9


Grilled beef tenderloin served w/ mashed potato, sauted mushrooms and pepper sauce.

Gourmet Farms 19


Coffee and spiced-rubbed lambchop served with tabouleh rice or couscous and tzatziki sauce.

Gourmet Farms 41


Oven baked salmon fillet served with mashed potato.

Gourmet Farms 48


Parma ham, shrimps, zucchini and white sauce.

Gourmet Farms 1


Creamy pana cotta infused with coffee.

And for the last part of the program tour is an informative discussion about coffee raising by no other than Mr. Len Reyes, Director of Gourmet Farms, Inc. and coffee connoisseur/roaster of Gourmet Coffee brand.

Director of Gourmet Farms, Inc.

Gourmet Farms coffee

Did you know?

Gourmet Farms is the first company to export Philippine coffee beans.

Gourmet Farms is one of the premier coffee roasters in the Philippines. The farm has the capacity to roast 120 tons every month. They have seven (7) coffee blends out in the market today. As of 2013, Gourmet Farms is the market leader in fresh and roasted coffee.

It was really a fun and informative day for me and my fellow bloggers. Gourmet Farms is a place worth coming back for! 🙂

For inquiries and more information about Gourmet Farms Cavite, you may visit or contact them:

Website: www.gourmetfarms.com.ph

Facebook/ Twitter/Instagram:  GourmetFarmPH


Silang, Cavite Office

Address : Km. 52, Aguinaldo Highway, Buho, Silang, Cavite

Contact No.: The Dining Room – (046) 8651064 / 0917-5854674

The Country Store – (046) 4140209 / 0920-9497728

Email: info@gourmetfarms.com.ph

Metro Manila contact numbers

Telephone: (02) 757.3001 local 404/405

Telefax: (02) 843.8335 / (02) 757.5025

Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator www.GirlandBoyThing.com