TIMEZONE Vertis North Opens With New Attractions!

Highway 66

I’ve been a Timezone patron for years now. From time to time, I go there to de-stress and have fun whether I am alone or with a company. Sometimes I go there even if I’m not going to play. It’s just relaxing for me to see different colorful lights and sounds coming from Timezone’s wide array of interactive game play machines like arcades, crane game, and many more.

TIMEZONE Vertis North Opens With New Attractions!

Just recently, I was invited to the official opening of TIMEZONE Vertis North Branch in Quezon City and was able to try some of the amusement games there. TIMEZONE Ayala Malls Vertis North also unveiled its latest store design and fit out, which adds up to the quality of family entertainment experience.

TIMEZONE Vertis North Opens With New Attractions!

Do you love doing karaoke? Then this is the section for you. Bring out your inner diva and sing your favorite song at TIMEZONE Vertis North’s Music Zone. For the price of P18, sing your heart out with your best hugot songs out there.

Timezone Ayala Malls Vertis North

But what caught my attention was TIMEZONE’s coolest attraction, which is only available in Vertis North branch… The Highway 66. It’s a mini bowling alley though, but still fun to play. No need for shoe rental. All you need is your Timezone Card(with load of course) and play it for only P125/game.

TIMEZONE Vertis North Opens With New Attractions!

After all the gaming and stuff, it’s time to further relax with these massage machines. For only P30, you get to have a 7-minute massage. Socks are required for this(for hygienic purposes) . These massage machines are located just beside the bowling alley.

Timezone Vertis North

Look! I got lots of tickets! and that pig stuffed toy which I successfully got from the crane game. I actually got 2(not in the picture). By the way, TIMEZONE also introduced their EMOTICONS Merchandise such as EMOTICON plush, bolster pillow and drawstring bags which are available in 5 different designs. Check out the picture above(Prizes behind me) to see some of this TIMEZONE EMOTICONS Merchandise.

What else that TIMEZONE has in store for you?

Timezone Golden Ticket

The TIMEZONE Golden Ticket. Watch out for this and get a chance to win 500 tickets instantly! The Golden Ticket is randomly dispensed in the different ticket vending games of Timezone. So try your luck and you might be the lucky one to get it. (Photo source: Timezone.com.ph)

TIMEZONE Vertis North Opens With New Attractions!

TIMEZONE Name Your Prize. You may avail the Name Your Prize Program if you don’t see the item(s) that you want at TIMEZONE Prize counters. How? Simply fill up the form, identify the item that you want and TIMEZONE will give you the ticket value of the item you requested.

Through the years, TIMEZONE has constantly strived to introduce various innovations and exciting concepts to complete the fun experience. And as it continuously redefine the family entertainment experience, we are to expect more and more amazing attractions in the near future. With that, TIMEZONE could be one of the best destinations there is for families and friends seeking entertainment in a wholesome manner.

For more information and updates about TIMEZONE Vertis North, you may visit their website www.timezone.com.ph or Follow them on Facebook www.facebook.com/pg/timezone.philippines and their Instagram @iLoveTimezone.

Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator/www.GirlandBoyThing.com