Why You Should Invest In Better Riding Gear


What is better than riding on two wheels on an open road?  The feeling of freedom on a bike is hard to put in words and only a rider can understand.  However, safety is always a concern on every biker’s mind.  It is important to wear the right motorcycle riding gear which can protect your body over the long haul and also make you enjoy your ride more.  The riding gear has come a long way and the ones you choose is almost as important as what type of bike you buy. 

Operating your motorcycle responsibly is crucial but even the best efforts do not guarantee the skill of other drivers.  All the precautions in the world would not be able to help when you fall.  This is why investing in high-quality motorcycle safety gear can help prevent serious injury. 

Here is a list of the best motorcycle safety gear :


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The first thing on your list should be to invest in a quality helmet that is approved by the US Department of Transportation (DOT). Make sure to get a helmet that fits you snugly and passes all safety standards for each of the four components: the strap, padding for comfort, a liner outside of that, and then a hard shell on the exterior. 

Motorcycle gear

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2. Gloves:
Gloves are critical pieces of equipment that many people overlook.  We naturally use our hands to break our fall, so gloves will keep our hands protected since they often hit the pavement first in an accident.



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3. Jackets, pants, and suits:
Whether you are looking for a jacket, pants, or an entire suit, these pieces of equipment will keep you much safer than nothing at all. Many new riders mistakenly opt for more fashionable wear, like an old pair of ripped blue jeans or a stylish sweatshirt.  However, they are not designed to protect your body from serious harm compared to leather riding clothes.  

When you invest in the proper gear, the quality of each ride is immensely enhanced. Not only do you enjoy the ride more in the short-term, it is safer all around for the long haul as well.

Besides having the right gear, it is important to check your bike periodically for wear and tear.  You can look for motorcycle oem parts should you need to change anything. Routine maintenance to keep your machine in good condition will give you long and satisfactory service.


Featured image photo credits to: Motor Sport Magazine

Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator/www.GirlandBoyThing.com