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From Farm – to Business – to Fork: Fresh Start Organics and Fresh Start Organic & Natural Store

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Fresh Start Organics is a 1 hectare farm land cultivating and raising organic crops and materials located at Silay Negros Occidental.

With all the chemicals being put in our food today, Fresh Start Organics understands how important it is for consumers to purchase food that is healthy and at the same time good to taste.

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This organic farm is “A vibrant eco-enterprise driven by an ecologically, socially and economically sound practices in organic agriculture” with its defined mission:(source: Fresh Start)

– To educate consumers and producers about the value of protecting the environment and of supporting small farmers in their efforts for sustainable farming system.

– To educate consumers and producers about the value of protecting the environment and of supporting small farmers in their efforts for sustainable farming methods.

– To serve as a model that environmentally and socially responsible businesses can also be profitable.

– To promote and save family farming culture through organic farming and distribute and sell the highest quality organic foods.

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Fresh Start Organics also believes in Fair trade where small farmers should be given what is due for them with proper compensation and giving them morale in order to uplift their way of living.
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Fresh Start Organics is also Pro- environment. It advocates in protecting mother nature by practicing natural and chemical-free methods of farming.

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Owners of Fresh Start Organics, Chin-Chin and Francine Uy both supports Organic Movement in the region by growing organic products,  develops and supplies sustainable Organic farming needs like Organic Blend Fertilizer, African Night Crawler Worms, Vermicastings and Organic Heirloom Rice Seeds.

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On the other hand, produce and packed products from the Fresh Start Organics were being sold to Fresh Start Organic & Natural Store for public to appreciate and enjoy.

Here are the products available at Fresh Start Organic & Natural Store

– Organic Salad Greens and Culinary Herbs
– Organic Vegetables and Fruits
– Organic Rice Varieties (Red, Black, Brown, White, Glutinous)
– Organic Shade Grown Coffee
– All Natural Home-made Pickles, Jams, Preserves
– All Natural Sweeteners (Muscovado, Coco Sugar, Raw Honey, Yacon syrup,, Stevia)
– Artisan Products – Wine, Tea, Beer
– Grass fed Dairy: Buffalo Mozzarella cheese, Feta Cheese, White Cheese, Yogurt, Milk

They also sell Natural personal care products for face and body, to include essential oil and eco friendly home products.

– All Natural Handmade soaps
– All Natural Massage Oils
– All Natural Mouthwash, Hand Sanitizer, Insect Repellant
– All Natural Burner oil and Room Spray
– Lemon Grass Essential Oil and Hydrosol
– Eco Friendly Home products

Since it is also a restaurant, Fresh Start Organic & Natural Store also offer healthy dishes, snacks and beverages that will surely satisfy your tummy and taste without the guilt because all of the ingredients used are all organic and definitely healthy.

Freshly made and cooked “Piyaya”, a very known delicacy in Bacolod is available at Fresh Start Organic & Natural Store. Available in Muscovado, Bignay, Coco Sugar and Passion Fruit flavors.

Every time you buy organic you are directly supporting small farmers who have a strong commitment to good health, quality foods, environmental conservation and ethical fair-trade”

For more information and updates you may visit:

Fresh Start Organic Fertilizers –
Fresh Start Organic Farms –
Fresh Start Organic & Natural Store –

More Photos from our tour at Fresh Start:

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