Chuck’s Deli House of Slabwich

Chuck’s Deli offers a wide range of sandwiches. From burgers, panini, subs and their their own slabwiches. I visited the restaurant’s Eastwood Mall branch.

The Ambiance: 

Chuck's Deli House of Slabwich

I find the place casual and quiet, a very good place to dine in, its not that big but the customers will feel comfortable as they eat there. An ideal place for couples finding a decent place for their sandwich cravings.

Chuck's Deli House of Slabwich

Inside the resto, one noticeable feature of the place is the “open kitchen” concept. You can actually know how your food is being prepared.

The Food:

I was able to try eight of their sandwiches

  • Reuben – angus corned beef, swiss cheese, sauerkraut, mustard – Php 275 (1/2 slab) | Php 495 (1 slab)
  • Faking duck – (peking-duck inspired) roast pork, lettuce, hoisin sauce, leaks and crispy noodles – Php 195 (1/2 slab) | Php 345 (1 slab)
  • California wacky – kani, mango, egg, lettuce, wasabi mayo – Php 225 (1/2 slab) | Php 445 (1 slab)
  • Chorizo Burger – chorizo patty, lettuce, tomato, spicy garlic sauce, mayo mustard – Php 225
  • Chuck’s Burger – US angus beef patty, lettuce, tomato, spicy garlic sauce, mayo mustard – Php 265
  • The Buffy – buffalo (buffy) chicken and garlic sauce
  • Footlong Chillidog – classic footlong, condiments, grated cheddar cheese, no-been chili, diced jalapenos – Php 395
  • Philly Cheese Steak – beef, american cheese, onion, bell peppers, mushrooms – Php 295
Each sandwich offers unique taste – distinct from each other. It has an ‘inviting’ appeal to my tongue. Making me crave for more.
Chuck's Deli House of Slabwich
My personal favorite among the sandwiches is the Reuben. I like the taste of the corned angus beef. Chef Katrina Kuhn-Alcantara (owner of Chuck’s) said that they prepare their own beef. This is probably why it has a distinct taste – does not taste like any regular corned beef. (LOL!)
Chuck's Deli House of Slabwich
The California Wacky taste like one of my fave dishes, maki. I like how they made it to a sandwich. Although, personally, I prefer, even on a real maki, to have no wasabi. Thus, if I may suggest to Chuck’s that putting wasabi can be an option.
Chuck's Deli House of Slabwich
Another fave is Buffy, the buffalo chicken. It taste really good. Especially with the garlic sauce. Note that Chuck’s Deli offer both garlic and spicy garlic sauce available on the tables.
Good Points:
As a nurse, I put high premium on hygiene. And it is a good thing to see that Chuck’s Deli has hand sanitizer on top of each table. It is a great idea, especially on dishes like sandwiches where you use your hands for eating.
Another good thing about Chuck’s is the style of how they coin the names of their sandwiches. Like “Buffy” for buffalo chicken, California Wacky, for their sandwich version of the maki.
The open kitchen style where you can see how they prepare their food.
I like the gimmick of the sandwiches put on slabs. It’s kind of intriguing and has an inviting feel about it.
For regular eaters like me, half slab is like having a full meal. And for heavy eaters, where one whole slab is a must.
To be honest, while writing this, I’m craving for a Reuben. I hope they have a contest to eat a slab of Reuben as well. 🙂
Chuck’s Deli is a DEFINITELY must-try place. Even a restaurant you can dine always. Be warned that each sandwich is not to be treated like a regular sandwich for merienda, but for heavy main meals.
Until the next food trip.
Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator