Save a Failing Relationship… Do the “LOVE DARE”

Save a Failing Relationship… Do the “LOVE DARE”

Every relationship isn’t perfect, there are times that you will have misunderstandings, and sometimes you fight. But when you feel that you are in the verge of letting go and giving up or you think that your relationship is failing, do not give up yet , do not lose hope and faith… God doesn’t want us to be in a failing relationship… DO THE LOVE DARE.

 Save a Failing Relationship… Do the “LOVE DARE”

LOVE DARE is a 40-Day Devotional book written by Alex and Stephen Kendrick. Designed and written to strengthen marriages. Each daily devotion includes a statement of principle, a scripture, , and the day’s “dare.

click here to see a sample Chapter of the LOVE DARE Devotional book:

or watch the video above about this book as it was featured in the “FIREPROOF” movie.

I recommend that you watch the “FIREPROOF” movie it’s really beautiful… truly, an eye opener for relationships especially for married couples. Even if you are not yet married you can do the LOVE DARE as well. Make this as a guide in preparation to your married life or married life. If you are not married yet and you come across to days in the devotion where it is only applicable for married couples you just improvise. For example, on Day 32: Love Meets Sexual Needs. Of course if you’re not married you cannot do this, instead, for example, be intimate to your partner by showing sweet gestures like hugging and kissing, things like that.

Here is the summary of the 40-Day Devotional in the LOVE DARE book. But I suggest that you grab a copy of the book for explanations and better understanding about the day-to-day devotion.

I hope this will help you bring back the fire in your relationship…

Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator