First Blogging Experience: Sponge Cola’s Fourth Album

I’m new to blogging per se. I have never attended any bloggers’ event. My boyfriend, Rey Belen, who is a blogger ( and my co-blogger here in GirlandBoyThing, is the one who encouraged me to do blogging and gave some pointers. (Thanks Honey) (He has his say about the event here.)

First Blogging Experience: Sponge Cola's Fourth Album

GirlThing - Cristelle Torres

When I saw this invite from OrangeMagazineTV (Thanks Mr. Jeman Villanueva), I felt so excited. Well, it was my first time to cover an event.

It was 6PM, when we arrived in Universal Records. Seeing my name on the list felt good. The first event to cover is great. For Rey Belen, it was not new anymore, since aside from attending past blog events, he used to be a writer and producer for ABS-CBN, so things like covering press conferences and events. However, I can see the excitement in him for me to take the “baptism of fire”.

Upon registration, we received our press kits, including a copy of Sponge Cola‘s newest album “Araw Oras Tagpuan” (I definitely love blogging already! Hehehe) I love the “special” privileges of knowing things early than the public or getting special access to personalities, things, events. Being in the frontline of things. Being there as it happens.

Food and drinks were there for bloggers’ to eat. Surprisingly, lead vocalist Yael Yuson was hungry that time, and dine together with the bloggers’ dinner table. So, COOOOOOOOL!

First Blogging Experience: Sponge Cola's Fourth Album

I was observing how things go. I noticed that some of the bloggers were actually familiar with each other already – probably seing each other in events most of the time.

After a while, the actual bloggers’ conference started, I was really nervous (Hahahaha). I wasn’t able to think of any question to ask the band. Each band member answered the bloggers’ questions.

Sponge Cola was very accommodating in answering the questions of each one. Good part is, they have sense of humor that makes bloggers feel welcomed, especially for a blogger like me who was new to the trade.

First Blogging Experience: Sponge Cola's Fourth Album

Photos Courtesy of OrangeMagazineTV


At the end of the first set of bloggers, Sponge Cola signed the albums, plus, performed three (3) songs from their new album and one (1) from their older album. What more can I ask for? Being there, close with a famous band, getting a CD of their latest album – signed.

First Blogging Experience: Sponge Cola's Fourth Album

Yael Yuson - Photos Courtesy of OrangeMagazineTV

I’m looking forward to attending future events. Thank you very much Mr. Jeman Villanueva of Orange Magazine TV, Universal Records, Bands Magazine and Pinoy Magazine for the opportunity.

First Blogging Experience: Sponge Cola's Fourth Album

Photo Courtesy of OrangeMagazineTV






Written by Cristelle Torres
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