Rivermaya Releases New Album After Four Years… PANATANG MAKABANDA

Rivermaya Releases New Album After Four Years... PANATANG MAKABANDA

Rivermaya releases a brand new album after four years and now under a new record label, Universal Records, entitled …PANATANG MAKABANDA.

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Rivermaya’s comeback album with Universal Records is quite different from their past albums. In this album, includes their latest single “Pilipinas, Kailan Ka Ba Magigising?” written by one of the band founding members, Mark Escueta.  The single is a reminder for everyone to go against crab mentality and selfishness especially now that the election is in the scene again.

Here’s the Music video of the album’s single… “Pilipinas, Kailan Ka Ba Magigising”


When asked how the single was chosen among the tracks recorded for the forthcoming  Panatang Makabanda album, drummer-turned-guitarist Mark said “In the early stages of recording, this song became the initial favorite of the group. It’s also a fun song to play live. Maganda yung message ng kanta and very timely rin since election time nanaman tayo”


Catch Rivermaya at Eastwood City Central Plaza, this March 22, 2013, Friday for the launching of their newest album Panatang Makabanda.

For more updates about Rivermaya, you may visit their website www.rivermaya.ph Facebook page www.facebook.com/rivermayamusic  or you can follow them on Twitter and Instagram: @Rivermayaband

Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator www.GirlandBoyThing.com