Roof Gardens Will Make The City Healthier

Roof Gardens

We are now living in a progressive world where almost everything that we see in the city are big buildings like malls,  commercial establishments, condominiums, etc. How about the greenery? Too sad to say that in order to progress there are things that are needed to be sacrificed. Now if you would like to see a lot of greeneries, you might want to go to the provinces where these natural plant and trees are mostly untapped and preserved.

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SM Malls understand the need to bring back the natural greenery inspite the pressure of progressive surroundings, that is why SM Malls created roof gardens which will give it’s customers and other mall goers a relaxing atmosphere as they stroll, dine and  roam around.

Roof gardens has been around for centuries, but still a fairly new concept in the Philippines. Apart from their aesthetic qualities, these gardens have been proven to reduce temperature around the area where they are built, providing a cooler sanctuary in the midst of sweltering urban jungles.

Another little-known concept is urban heat island, an area significantly warmer than its surroundings. A highly urbanized city is a perfect candidate to be an urban heat island. Apart from the discomfort caused by high temperature in these areas, they cause several other problems such as high power consumption, health problems, and water quality loss.

Trivia time!… DID YOU KNOW?

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Did you now that according to studies,by looking at a color green object can affect us?  It can soothe,  relax us mentally, and even physically. The green color exudes a natural and calming vibe that can also help to alleviate depression, nervousness, and anxiety.

I remember when I was still in college studying nursing, my professor in Biology said that “If you want to rest your eyes, look for something green and then just loo at it” well he was right. It is indeed relaxing.

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SM Malls Roof Garden was first introduced in SM North Edsa, SM’s sky parks let customers experience the relaxing ambience of an oasis atop the mall and away from the busy thoroughfares of the city. Not just that, Roof Gardens can give a lot of benefits such as:

  • Moderation of urban heat.
  • Reduce distribution of dust and can capture other air pollutatnts throughout the city.
  • Reduce the production of smog.
  • Can potentially decrease the amount of Carbon Dioxide and other polluting by-products.

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It was really nice that SM Malls developed the sky park. Aside from the retail therapy that the mall proper can provide, now, you can actually enjoy a relaxing stroll, maybe dine or just hang out with your family and friends while looking at the natural view of the green plants and trees and grass around.

Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator/