Seamless Money Transfers via GCash for Busy People


As a blogger, I’ve got my hands full with all the writing deadlines and online tasks assigned to me by my local and international clients. Yes, most of the time I’m really busy to the point that almost the whole day, I’m just in front of my laptop working. And If I wanted to chill out, ease the pressure a little bit,(while still working hahaha), I would go somewhere else like a cafe or resto to have a change of atmosphere.

So imagine when I’m on a roll and the ideas are flowing continously, then suddenly my sister would text me “Sis, Please deposit money to my account because I’m gonna buy some stuff for school”. Oh yes, aside from interrupting my momentum while working, this one errand would take up much of my time. Well you know how time consuming it is when you do transactions in banks.

I have tried as much as possible to limit going to the bank but that day, I had no choice. I packed up my laptop and dragged myself out of my cozy working spot.

First, I had to walk to the nearest branch of my bank to withdraw the amount my sister needed because hey, who keeps loads of money in her wallet these days. Alas, it was offline. So I walked some more to the nearest Bancnet ATM and got the cash, minus P15 charge for every P10,000 inter-bank withdrawal. And then I walked again to the nearest branch of my sister’s bank.

Seamless Money Transfers via GCash for Busy People

When I got there, the line was, as expected, seemingly endless. While waiting, I was fiddling with my phone, I remembered a tip from a fellow blogger friend. She told me to use GCash for my transactions so I wouldn’t have to endure the long lines in banks.

Seamless Money Transfers via GCash for Busy People

Since I had time, I downloaded GCash, registered, took a pic of a valid ID and myself so I could get fully verified, and explored the features. It took me no more than 10 minutes.

Seamless Money Transfers via GCash for Busy People

Thank God for GCash’s Send Money feature: I open the app, click Send Money, choose Send to Bank, select a partner bank and input the required information (account name, account number, email for receipts). This did not take that long. It was actually fast. No lines, no charges, and there’s no need to leave my work for some time just to go to banks.

What I like more about GCash is that most of my favorite coffee shops and retail establishments are GCash partner merchants where I can use the Scan to Pay feature. So convenient. Love it!

So how about you? What’s your GCash experience?

Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator