THE FUTURE OF SKINCARE: Meet your newest skincare essential-SkinWhite MoistureWhite!

SkinWhite MoistureWhite

Having a busy lifestyle at work or at home can often mean less time to spend on yourself. This could lead  to failure to give proper attention on certain aspects of your beauty routine day or night, most especially moisturizing your whole body. Your skin is your largest organ, that is why you should keep it healthy just like with any other organs.

You know what? I know a product that can help you moisturize your skin and will not take too much of your time to apply.

SkinWhite MoistureWhite

Meet your newest skincare essential. SkinWhite MoistureWhite lotion takes a massive leap towards . beautiful skin as it improves its formulation combining a time-proven whitening formula with the breakthrough ingredient Hyaluronic Acid (HA), a moisture booster popularly found in Korean skincare products.

Check out the following benefits your skin can gain by using SkinWhite MoistureWhite Lotion:

  1. It will help you achieve whiter skin by lavishing it with much needed moisturization through HA. 

Enriched with Hyaluronic Acid (HA)—a natural ingredient that’s clinically proven to deliver deep moisturization immediately, being able to retain its weight in water up to 1000x. So that when light hits moisturized skin, it will appear even and whiter. HA acts as a magnet that attracts and locks in moisture for a fair and glowing complexion. With HA in every bottle of MoistureWhite Lotion, you’re sure to get moisturized-white skin!

  1. It has the sun protection you need.

Equipped with SPF 16. This means aside from shielding your skin from the sun’s harmful rays, it also keeps your skin fairer as it successfully blocks out the darkening effects of sun exposure.

  1. SkinWhite MoistureWhite doesn’t feel sticky on the skin.

Made with a non-sticky formula so you can now have moisturized white skin every day without the sticky feeling you hate!

  1. Comes in soap format, too!

Your skin will feel and look even better when you also use SkinWhite MoistureWhite soap. That’s because HA will not dry out your skin every time you bathe. By using MoistureWhite soap and MoistureWhite lotion daily, your skin will be moisturized-white all day!

SkinWhite combines whitening with the power of HA that locks in moisture so you can achieve the skin you rightfully deserve. Try the FUTURE OF SKINCARE… Try SkinWhite MoistureWhite lotion and soap!

Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator