Paul Immigrations Reviews: Singapore PR Application Processing

Paul Immigrations Reviews: Singapore PR Application Processing

Singapore, also known as the “Lion City”, is one of the countries that I want to visit in Asia. Have you seen Changi Airport? which I may say is the coolest and amazing airport in the world. The moment you step into that place, you will already see and feel how progressive this country is. It’s actually a tourist destination itself.  A destination that you might want to inlclude in your bucket list.

Paul Immigrations Reviews: Singapore PR Application Processing


Though Singapore is quite small geographically compared to other asian countries(724.2 square kilometres or 279.6 sq mi.), the urban planning is well executed from transportation, utilities, zonings, without neglecting the importance of nature. Imagine a city full of skyscrapers and filled with lush greenery. Wouldn’t that be a nice view right?

Paul Immigrations Reviews: Singapore PR Application Processing

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On the other hand, with SG’s low population count compared to other asian countries which is estimated at 5.8 million people at mid year of 2020 according to UN data, this country became highly interested in acquiring and entertaining new residents and labor force. Companies and businesses are even offering high-paying jobs and remunerative salary packages to attract great talents, highly-skilled workers and professionals all over the world.

Paul Immigrations Reviews: Singapore PR Application Processing


So if you’re one of those people who are looking into this country as a place to work and live long-term, it is highly understandable. Considering that it is one of the safest places in the world to live in and one of the t places to grow your career. It’s a no-brainer if you’ll ask me.

What are the benefits of being a Singapore Permanent Resident?

1. Enter and exit freely. Being a Singapore PR passport holder has the benefits to travel across various countries, visa-free!. No need to get work visa /Just make sure to secure a valid Re-entry Permit(REP) to be renewed every 5 years.

2. Eligible to buy second hand or resale housing properties of the government like flats from Housing & Development Board(HDB) and Executive Condominiums(EC). Only the citizens are allowed to buy brand new flats and condominium. A Permamnent Resident also get higher priority when it comes to housing loans to purchase a property.

3. Permanent residents can enjoy public health benefits such as subsidized and lower consultation fee including medical bills compared to non-PR foreigners.

4. Great business opportunities. A permanent resident can register and put up a business/company under his name. No need for a local citizen partner or representative.

5. Flexible career. No need to secure work permits/pass/visa from the company or Ministry of Manpower(MOM). As a Singapore Permanent Resident, you can seek better job opportunities, enjoy attractive salary and benefits compared to other foreign non-PR.

6. Permanent Residents of legal age can sponsor their immediate family to migrate to city-state or apply for a Long Term Visit Pass(LTVP). This is subject to sponspor’s financial capacity, work and other parameters.

7. All Singapore Permanent Residents are entitled to Tax reliefs and rebates which is provided by the goverment’s Central Provident Fund (CPF) scheme. This can later on be used to health care, home-ownership, growing your assets and many more.

8. Child of Permanent Residents will be given priority and subsidized school fees to government-owned primary and seconday schools.

9. After two(2) years of being a Permanent Resident status, you are already eligible to apply for Singapore citizenship.

Paul Immigrations Reviews: Singapore PR Application Processing

PAUL IMMIGRATIONS REVIEWS: Finding the right people to help you

We all know that immigration process either for a visa or PR could be stressful. If you don’t have any knowledge about all the paperworks and requirements that needs to be filled up, accomplished and submitted, you’ll end up being overwhelmed and worried that you might have missed something that needs to be done. And at the end, only to receive a rejection letter from the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA). 

This is the very reason why you should get a dependable and trustworthy immigration specialist (IS) firm like Paul Immigrations, a Singapore-based immigration consultancy firm that specializes in processing PR applications.

With over 15,000+ satisfied customers, and high success rate on approvals, getting this consultancy firm to assist and guide you to get through the process of your Permamnent Residency application is something you should consider.

Paul Immigrations Reviews: Singapore PR Application Processing

PAUL IMMIGRATIONS REVIEWS: A team of immigration experts

 With a mission to provide quality and professional assistance to aspiring PR applicants, their highly experienced team assures hassle-free processing for you, by providing tips, recommendations, expertise, extensive knowledge on how Singapore PR processing works. They will give you a rundown on your needs – from cover letters, documents, and other additional requirements to increase your chances of approval.

This immigration specialist firm provides different application services that can help you reach your goal to live, work, and enjoy life – legally in Singapore, either as a single individual or with your immediate family.

Check their services below for the following cases:

  • Employment Pass or S Pass Holder.
  • Spouse of a Citizen or Permanent Resident.
  • Student studying in Singapore.
  • Aged parent of a Singapore Citizen.
  • Unmarried or legally adopted child aged below 21.
  • Foreign investor in Singapore.

PAUL IMMIGRATIONS REVIEWS: Check your eligibility

If you have worked for at least six months in Singapore and currently holding a work pass such as EntrePass or S-Pass, or Personalised Employment(PEP), Employment Pass(EP), it is best to check your eligibility first to assess if you are qualified. Other factors to consider for eligibility are:

  • Income bracket
  • Professional experience and expertise
  • Academic qualification
  • Age
  • Kinship

You can access the eligibility form at Paul Immigrations website

Note: If you want to pursue and build your life in the bustling city for good, you have to know that acquiring a Permanent Residency usually takes 6-12 months.


Just in case that you are not yet decided to process your PR application and want to know more about it first or maybe consider other options, consultancy has gotten several helpful tips provided for you on their website which are greatly beneficial in your journey of getting a Singapore Permanent Residency status.

Personally, I will not have second thoughts getting a firm like Paul Immigrations. Aside from being an expert in policies, systems, processes of the application, this IS firm also has strategic approach in handling complex issues. Not to mention the good track record of high successful approvals. Knowing all these, I know that I will be in good hands.


Once you become a Permamnent Resident (PR), it could open up lots of opportunities by living in Singapore legally and freely – opportunity to work, to invest and to grow your family in a good and safe environment.



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