Why Do you need to take care of your Silent Hero…Your Liver


Without a functioning liver, a person cannot survive. Our liver is a very important organ in our body-  and it serves a lot of purpose such as:

  • Stores important vitamins, energy and minerals, and releases them to the blood.
  • Helps the body to resist infections by producing immune factors and removing bacteria from the blood.
  • Converts the food you eat into energy, and produces chemicals your brain needs and spinal cord needs.
  • Detoxifies by metabolizing and expelling drugs, alcohol, and environmental toxins from your system.
  • Helps digest your food and absorb important nutrients through the bile it produces.

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Having said all of the above, our liver is probably one of our body’s most overworked organs. That’s why we should take care of it and shouldn’t add more stress on this “Silent Hero”.

There are many factors that can affect your liver health such as prolonged medication, viruses, parasites, unhealthy lifestyle(drinking alcohol, smoking etc.) and obesity.

There is also a liver disease called Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) in which a person has fatty liver even with little or no alcohol consumption. What is alarming with NAFLD is that its symptoms usually have no physical manifestation. In cases with such, signs include fatigue, pain in the upper right abdomen, and enlarged stomach.

Taking care of your liver and checking if it is fully functioning is your responsibility. Remember that the liver gives your body the energy for its day-to-day needs. It regulates and processes anything you eat and drink.

So what do you do to take care of your liver?

Why Do you need to take care of your Silent Hero...Your Liver

Aside from eating and drinking well, you can also take blood tests used to help diagnose and monitor liver disease or damage. The tests measure the levels of certain enzymes and proteins in your blood.

Foods like berries, oatmeal and garlic and drinks like coffee and green tea are good for your liver.

Why Do you need to take care of your Silent Hero...Your Liver

Taking medicine also helps improve liver function. (Phospholipids) Essentiale® Forte P contains purified EPL® (Essential Phospholipids) which is extracted from natural food with precise technology from Germany. It can be easily absorbed by liver cells. Essentiale, an over-the-counter medicine, is clinically proven to strengthen liver health by promoting the repairing function and regeneration of liver cells,.

Don’t take your liver for granted. Be mindful of what you eat and drink. Your “Silent Hero” will thank you.


Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator/www.GirlandBoyThing.com