7 Valentine’s Day Unisex Gift Ideas This 2022


Valentine’s Day is almost here! This special day of love and hearts is one of the most anticipated day every year for couples. While the pandemic halted many traditional activities and festivities, spreading and sharing the love around the world never stopped. Truly, love is always in the air.

Of course, to make the heart’s day more memorable, giving a special gift to your loved one is something that you can do as a romantic gesture.  And if you still have no idea what to give, and no time to buy in stores, why not look up for the perfect Valentine’s gift online.

Here are seven “unisex” Valentine’s Day gifts this 2022 that you might want to consider:

7 Valentine's Day Unisex Gift Ideas This 2022

Heart-Shaped Waffle Maker

Sprinkle your love into your breakfast with a heart-shaped waffle maker! This cute and compact device will fit even the smallest of kitchen counters. It is also easy to use, making it the perfect gift for significant others who are getting started with their cooking skills.

7 Valentine's Day Unisex Gift Ideas This 2022

Matching Satin Pajama Set

Sleep is essential for health and wellness. Enhance your and your partner’s sleep quality by getting a matching satin pajama set. They’re comfortable and breathable, making them perfect sleeping ensembles during hot, humid days. Matching satin pajama sets also are perfect presents for couples who will move into their new home. For example, new residents of a house and lot for sale in Cagayan de Oro City may wear their pajama set on their first night in their new home.

7 Valentine's Day Unisex Gift Ideas This 2022

Custom Couple Portrait

Artworks are always a great gift, no matter the holiday or season. There are tons of artists offering portrait commissions of different sizes and mediums. Search different online art portfolios and social media pages to see which style and medium these artists offer; many artists use watercolors, charcoal, oil paint, and digital programs to create their artworks.

If you will choose this as a gift, make sure that you give a lead time for the artist to finish the commissioned work. Some can finish faster after a few days, some weeks depending on the type of artwork that you preferred. Do this in advance so it will be done before Valentine’s.

7 Valentine's Day Unisex Gift Ideas This 2022

Wearable Blanket Hoodies

Enjoy cold, lazy days with a matching wearable blanket. These soft and fluffy items look like oversized hoodies that can cover up to your knees. Wearable blanket hoodies are also perfect for Valentine’s dates at home. Plan a movie night, turn the air-conditioning unit on, and cuddle with your other half with these fluffy and comfy outfits while enjoying your home cinema.

valentine's gift ideas

Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Elevate your shower experience with a Bluetooth shower speaker. Get those with suction cups so you can stick them on your wet bathroom wall. Enjoy singing and dancing with your other half while you help each other get clean and fresh.

7 Valentine's Day Unisex Gift Ideas This 2022

Crocheted Flowers

Flower bouquets are a staple Valentine’s Day present. Although fresh flowers are beautiful and refreshing to look at, they wither and die after a few days or weeks. Fortunately, there are long-lasting alternatives to your favorite florals–and some of them are made of yarn.

Crocheted flowers are becoming more popular on social media platforms, with various crochet artists online opening commissions for custom cotton-flower bouquets. Suitable crocheted flower options include roses and sunflowers, and some shops even offer crochet lavender and poppies.

7 Valentine's Day Unisex Gift Ideas This 2022


Scented Mug Warmer

Keep your morning coffee warm for a long time with scented mug warmers. These coasters are infused with fragrances ranging from cinnamon, cloves, mint, chocolate, and pumpkin. Heat your coaster in your microwave for 30 seconds before setting your drink on it. The heat of your drink will release the aroma of the spices inside the coaster. You’ll also have hot beverages to boost you and your partner while you work from home.

All that said, giving gifts is a love language. Express your love, appreciation, and commitment to your other half this Valentine’s Day 2022 with these seven unisex and functional gifts.

Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator www.GirlandBoyThing.com