Things you must consider before saying “I do”


Engaged? Getting hitched soon? Here are some of the things to ponder before stepping on another milestone of your relationship… Marriage.Things you must consider before saying "I do"

Are you ready to commit yourself to a lifelong relationship?

Yes! Commitment. Some are afraid of this word, but most are taking it seriously. Getting married is a lifelong commitment that no matter what trials that come to your relationship, you will find ways to sort it out and make it work despite your differences and shortcomings.

Commitment is also partnered with loyalty. The moment you commit to a relationship, it is expected that you’ll be loyal to it and the person. Temptations are everywhere and we have a “free will”. It’s either you give in or you say NO and turn away from it. The decision is always yours. That’s why lines like “I can’t help it”, “I tried but, I failed”, “it just happened” these statements are so lame. You know yourself and the ball is always on you. Just say no to temptation. That’s it. Don’t let it grow in you. Because if you do, that’s where infidelity comes.

Things you must consider before saying "I do"

Are you Mature enough to meet your partner’s needs and wants half-way?

It takes two mature person to make relationship grow and work. You must admit and accept that both of you are two different people with different upbringing, own thoughts, own ways on dealing things and even attitude(may it be good or bad). These would sometimes cause a clash of personalities that could lead to a fight.

Either you try to be patient and understand the best that you could or meet his/her halfway. But know your limits, set bounderies. Don’t always give in just to please your partner everytime you don’t agree on things. Talk about it. Immature people fight all the time, mature people talk it over calmly and rationally.

Things you must consider before saying "I do"

Money matters. Would you let money get in the way of your relationship? 

To others, money is not an issue when it comes to their relationship. But most of the time, it does. We should always remember that money is just a tool to buy things and should not be the basis of your love or trust. (Unless you are marrying your partner for that reason).

Money in relationship is a vital issue to be addressed before getting hitched. Don’t be afraid to talk about money to your partner. Know each other’s financial capabilities and start from there. Who pays the bills, how do you split expenses, who gets to budget, set bounderies when buying stuff. Everything! Get involved. Talk… talk… talk.

You may not be the one who will put money into the family’s fund, but you could be the best keeper and steward of money in the family.

Always remember that you are a team and it should be a “shared” responsibility.

Things you must consider before saying "I do"

Getting a House and building a Home

Another thing to consider before marriage, is getting a house where you will start your very own family. To some, after the wedding they would still live together with the groom’s or bride’s parents/relatives. To others, they would prefer living on a separate house(either bought or rented) which is a much better option.

When you have your own house, you can grow more as husband and wife without people(extended family) dictating, or meddling whenever you have issues to settle. It’s so hard to move freely in a house where lots of eyes are watching your every move.

I’m not saying that you disregard your family after marriage. You can still seek for their advice(surely, they will always be there for you). You just need to set some bounderies unto where they can step in your marriage. Plus, don’t you want to enjoy your own privacy?

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On the other hand…let’s talk about Home. Home is where you build your dreams, celebrate your triumphs and sorrows, find rest and comfort. Building a home with your partner is very crucial because it is somehow part of the foundation as you start your family. It is you and your partner who can only build that kind of environment and it would be much better if you would put God in the center of it.

After reading the things above, do you think you are really ready to put into practice your vow to love and be with your partner through thick and thin, in sickness and in health, for better or worse? If your answer is yes, then Congratulations! You are ready.

Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator/