A Must Try! YABU Katsu Pairs and Mixed Sets

Good news Katsu lovers! Feast your eyes, ready your tummy, because Yabu is now offering wide array of their newest katsu selections, the YABU Katsu Pairs and Katsu Mixed Sets, that will surely satisfy your taste palate.

YABU Katsu Pairs

So, are you ready? I will give you a run down of the YABU Katsu Pairs and Katsu Mixed Sets. But to start of, wanna introduce to you as well their newest appetizers. The Yabu TOFU KATSU.


YABU Katsu Pairs

Tofu Katsu with Uni P250.00

Panko-crusted Japanese tofu topped with fresh uni, nori, spring onions and bonito flakes. Served with uni sauce. If you want some creamy taste for your sauce, this is a good choice for you. The bonito flakes also added some flavor to it. It also has “wasabi” like taste


Agedashi Tofu P220.00

Panko-crusted Japanese tofu topped with bonito flakes and grated radish. Served with soy-dashi sauce. Between the two Katsu Tofu variants, this one is my favorite. We all know that tofu has a bland taste, but the soy-dashi sauce really made this appetizer dish superb!.

So for the main dishes, the YABU Katsu Pairs and Katsu Mixed Sets could be one of your choices to fill your rumbling tummy. Each set comes with Miso Soup, Rice and fruits for dessert. You may think that some do look alike because of the breading, but they are actually different in taste 🙂 So here’s they are.


Yabu Katsu Pairs

Chicken & Dory P380.00

Yabu Katsu Pairs

Chicken & Menchi P390.00

Yabu Katsu Pairs

Rosu & Oyster P495.00

Yabu Katsu Pairs

Rosu & Salmon P540.00

Yabu Katsu Pairs

Rosu & Prawns P530.00


Yabu Deluxe Mixed Katsu Set

Deluxe Mixed Set P595.00 (Prawn, Salmon, Oyster and Hire)

Yabu Deluxe Mixed Katsu Set

Deluxe Seafood Mixed Set P595.00(Prawn, Salmon, Oyster and Cream Dory)

For the Deluxe Katsu Sets, I only tried the Deluxe Mixed Set. What I love about it is that each element were perfectly cooked even though it’s fried. Plus you get to taste different flavors like Prawn, Salmon, Oyster and Hire. The serving size I think is good for two already. But if you are really hungry, you can consume the whole set.

So did you choose what you want to try already? bring your friends and loved ones and enjoy Yabu’s latest offer … The YABU Katsu Pairs and Mixed Sets. 

Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator/www.GirlandBoyThing.com