Necro-Tourism Site To Rise In Centennial Garden Laguna

Necro-Tourism Site To Rise In Centennial Garden Laguna

When I was a kid, I used to fear going to cemeteries. Maybe it was a result of watching too much horror movies and documentaries on television during halloween, where they usually use cemeteries as a setting. And even if i’m an adult now, there’s still a very odd feeling whenever I pass through funeral parlors and cemeteries.


And just lately, I was invited to the weirdest and interesting blog event I have ever attended to hahaha!… the Phoenician Memorial Chapel & Crematory (Phoenix)and Centennial Garden in Sta. Rosa Laguna, where a Necro-tourism site will rise very soon.

So we first toured around Phoenician Memorial Chapel & Crematory Inc. (Phoenix). Equipped with modern facilities and amenities. Upon entering the main lobby, you would already notice a hotel-like look. Actually, you would never think that it is a funeral place, unless of course you already knew about them.


Phoenix guarantees qulality funeral services that can cater all their client’s funeral needs. Yes, they truly mean “quality funeral services”. Just like what I mentioned earlier, Phoenix has modern facilities which came from US and I have seen their “working” area and it was really clean. Sterilized equipments, no foul odor inside, professional embalmer, it’s like i’m inside an operating room. Knowing these things, you will know that your departed loved one is in good hands.


Cremation services and packages are also available at Phoenix. This is the crematory room. The family also has the option to view the whole process if they want to. phoenix-memorial-chapel-1

Phoenix also has very nice viewing chapels that can accommodate up to 300 guests each. Each viewing chapel is  fully air-conditioned and equipped with purifiers for the comfort of Phoenix’s clients and their guests. These chapels has sound-proof partition as well that gives clients the freedom to chat with their guests without worrying that they are disturbing the other guests. Phoenix also made a way to at least easen that heavy feeling. Instead of passing the coffin from the main door, down the aisle which causes attention and adds a sorrowful ambiance to the family and guests, they created and placed back doors for the coffin to pass through.

Phoenix also offers funeral cordination services where they will handle all funeral needs and programs depending on the family’s preference.

Some viewing chapels offer family rooms and bedrooms that are equipped with cable TV, DVD, WIFI, refrigerator, microwave oven water dispenser, dining table, chairs, King and Queen size Bedroom so that the family can rest well. We all know how exhausting it is physically, mentally and emotionally having this kind of moment and with the facilities above, family members don’t have to travel back and forth just to rest. Unless of course they needed to get something or run some errands.

Even though the facilities are very high-end looking, to my surprise, their services are pretty affordable. Phoenix can also adjust service packages that are tailored-fit on the financial capability of their clients—starting with a PHP20,000.00 for residential and Proximity viewing.

Service Package includes:

  • Transfer of the body to our care which include embalming and other preparations
  • Casket
  • Viewing & Visitation Facilities
  • 24-hour assistance from the Funeral Director and Staff
  • Securing all the necessary permits
  • Registration of Death Certificate
  • Funeral Hearse for Interment



On the other hand, Centennial Garden will change how you perceive and feel about cemeteries. With the construction of its first-ever leisure memorial park, specifically the necro-tourism part, Centennial Garden will not only offer a best place for quality-time among friends and relatives but also can walk on one of the famous phases in World History.


The Centennial Garden is nestled on verdant natural surroundings but is bordered by hallmarks and a touch of modern Greek architecture that exude an aura of comfort, serenity and beauty. This leisure memorial park has a very comfortable facilities for visitors, 24/7 security, and regular professional service maintenance.



Pardon for my photos, since it’s quite dark already when we started touring around the place. There are a few mausoleums already in place, and of all the mausoleums there, the 2nd photo(Hannah’s Place) has a very touching story. Hannah was a 7-year old girl who dreamt of going to Disneyland. Unfortunately, she got sick and died without being able to visit her dream place. This is the reason why her mauseleum looks like a castle. Her parents decided to build a disneyland-like place in memory of their loving daughter.

There are more facilities and amenities to see inside the Centennial Garden such as follows:


Centennial Garden Ecumenical Chapel


Centennial Garden Water Plaza


Centennial Garden Park Shed



Centennial Garden Playground



Centennial Garden Bone Crypt Olympus



Centennial Garden Acropolis

Eventhough it’s a bit ackward touring in a place like this, but surprisingly, I was really impressed. I hope we also have this kind of affordable services and facilities in the metro.

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Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator