The Art of Hand-woven Fabrics at Tenun Pahang Diraja

Tenun Pahang Diraja

During our Pahang trip, I have learned about their culture, people, their way of life, and saw Pahang’s rich nature. Now its time to know about their arts and crafts. One of which is the art of hand-woven fabrics of Tenun Pahang Diraja.

Tenun Pahang Diraja

Tenun Pahang Diraja is a hand-woven high quality fabric created using traditional looms showcasing different decorative tapestry enhanced with unique manufacturing techniques.


Originally called Tenun Pahang or “Pahang Weaving“, Tenun Pahang made a mark of excellence as they produce exclusive textiles especially for the royal family of Pahang including the noble, chiefs and other important people in the high society. And with the strong assistance given by the royal family of Pahang, Tenun Pahang was recognized and granted as “royal” or “Diraja” year 2006 by Sultan Ahmad Shah Sultan Abu Bakar of Pahang. As of today, Tenung Pahang DiRaja is registered with exclusive proprietary rights on its name so no other state can use the term as their own.

Tenun Pahang Diraja is known for its timeless and unique characteristic designs and patterns. No wonder that local and foreign designers love it as well and use it to create wonderful collection pieces that can be worn on formal events, weddings, royal ceremonies and many more.


As I said earlier, Tenun Pahang Diraja was originally the attire exclusively for the royals, and other personalities in the high society. But now its already being used as a material for other products such as  sampin, kain pasang, clothes, products for corporate gifts, home furnishings and accessories. But of course they maintained the traditional characteristics of the fabric.


To develop the Tenun Pahang Diraja moreRASB continuously conducts seminars and workshops about weaving. RASB also offers affordable accommodations and packages at INAP TENUN with added activities such as hands-on weaving and different tours for as low as RM80.

As of today, Tenun Pahang Diraja is under the management of Realistic Attraction Sdn. Bhd. (RASB) who also handles the production and marketing of Pahang woven fabrics. On the other hand, for research and development, the Center Of Excellence Tenun Pahang Diraja Tungku Azizah Iskandar is the one responsible in enhancing the production of the products to create export quality fabrics and merchandise.


Aside from looking around the finished products inside the gallery complex, our group also witnessed the demo weaving process. Wow. I saw how hard and delicate it was to create these amazing woven fabrics… the patterns and designs were truly amazing. Plus the fabrics were produced in traditional way of weaving  to ensure that Tenun Pahang will retain Pahang’s art heritage and originality.

I love to appreciate art and everything that’s beautiful especially when extensive efforts are being rendered. Really good job, Tenun Pahang Diraja weavers for keeping the traditionally beautiful creations like Tenun Pahang Diraja alive.



Tenun Pahang Diraja is open every Monday to Friday (10.00 am – 6.00 pm) and  Saturday (10.00 am – 5.00 pm)



  • From Kuala Lumpur International Airport you can fly via Air Asia going to Sultan Ahmad Shah Airport in Kuantan. Flight duration is less than 45 minutes. If you are coming from the Philippines, Air Asia Philippines will soon have Manila-Kuala Lumpur flights 3x daily starting Oct 29, and Cebu -Kuala Lumpur flights 4x weekly starting Oct 30, 2016.
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