Organic Farming… Why Is It The Best?

Organic Farming... Why Is It The Best?

A lot of people are now shifting to a healthier lifestyle, and as the trend continues to grow, the interest in organic farming in the Philippines is also increasing. Not just that, even commercial establishments like restaurants, salad bars are making use of “Organic” vegetables, fruits and other organic agricultural products to highlight health and wellness by serving what they said “Organic”. But the question is, are you really sure that what you are eating from those establishments are really organic?

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According to the Organic Producers Trade Association (OPTA), the risk of consuming non-organic food made by conventional/modern farming is becoming more dangerous  to human health. These crops have been identified with large doses of pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers which damages human health  and can cause sickness such as cancer neurological disorders hormonal imbalance and other life-threatening and serious health problems. These chemicals also destroys the ecological balance of the soil and kills the beneficial micronutrients that are needed by the human body such as copper, iron, calcium, zinc, manganese, magnesium and selenium resulting to malnourished-produced crops.

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 A bad experience from Chemical pesticide made Mr. Jefferson Laruan shift  from conventional farming to organic farming. Mr. Laruan became unconscious from 10 in the morning to 4pm the next day due to exposure to insecticide he is using (Tamaron) to kill the insect pest in his farm. From then on he decided to stop the use of chemical pesticide and transform to a healthier way of farming the “Organic” way. This decision resulted the born of “Lily of the Valley Farm”, a 6000 sqm. farm in La Trinidad, Benguet.

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I happen to meet Mr. Laruan and his wife and I believe that Lily of the ValleyFarm is made and grew from labor of love. The two help each other out to run the farm. 

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It was year 2005, when they started organic farming . It was never easy shifting from conventional farming to organic farming for them since the soil that they are using has been exposed to chemical pesticides. It took them 8 months before they got good “organic” crops.

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Lily of the Valley Farm produces Broccoli, Cauliflower, and Spinach as their main crops to include Sugar beets, lettuce and many more as their secondary crops.

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As of today, Lily of the Valley Farm is one of the organic farms in Benguet who are certified and passed the standards of  Organic Certification Center of the Philippines. 

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 The farm uses wild grass  to make  their organic and natural fertilizer. The farm do Basal and side dressing  once or twice a week when applying compost in soil depending on  the maturity of the crops.

Why is organic farming the best?

Sustainable over the long term.

Prevents soil fertility or pest problems.

Promotes Biodiversity.

It combats climate change because no chemical pesticide or fertilizers are being used.

Reduces farm pollution.

Organic farming builds healthy soil thus healthy crops.

Organic Farming helps combat erosion.

Organic farming produces better tasting  and nutritious crops containing the micronutrients needed by human

 Assist farmers and their family and produce profitable crops.

Preservation of the culture of agriculture.

Safer water.

Job Creation


Within the farm’s premises, Lily of the Valley Farm Homestay and Coffee Shop is located. It is a two-storey house/inn opened to tourist and visitors to stay.

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Inside the Homestay is a small reception area designed with native items.

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The guests are welcome to drink this natural spring water.

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Inside the house , there’s a feeling of home. The place is very serene, the smell of wood is very refreshing. Since the place is located in a high altitude area, the weather here is cold that is why there is a fireplace for guests to get warm.

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Dining and Kitchen area

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Upstairs is a common room where guest can stay to bond, watch television or do indoor recreational activities.

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The Balcony outside also serve as a common room to rest on and be able to see some relaxing view in the farm.

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Also located in the 2nd floor are two different sized room.

This two- bedroom unit cost Php1,200/night good for 4 persons.

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This room can accommodate 6 people for the price of Php1,800/night

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Mr. Jefferson C. Laruan.

Mobile number: 0949-3997126



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Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator